They serve breakfast in bistro just across the street!

Start your day in a tasty way and move on to explore the city.

  • You think of food first thing in the morning but have no idea what to eat?
  • You don’t want to waste time on preparing breakfast when travelling around?
  • You are not a morning type of person and don’t like to think too much about anything when wake up?

If you answered to at least one question with YES – we have great news.

You can have an excellent breakfast in very charming and popular Bistro Fotić just across the street!
They serve tasty buffet breakfast from 8.00-11.00 for 55 KN/7 EURO, or you can order a la carte breakfast from 38 to 48 KN. But breakfast is not the only meal you can have at Bistro Fotić  – they serve other delicious things, coffee, cakes, wines, etc.

Bistro Fotić is located in Gajeva street 25 –  you can see it from Royal or Rococo apartment windows!
Working hours: Monday – Saturday 8.00-23.00.
Sunday closed.

We recommend more nearby places where you can start your day

You can explore other excellent spots for tasty breakfast or brunch

Boban – Gajeva 9, Otto Frank – Tkalčićeva 20, Le Mika – Masarykova 4, Korica – Preradovićeva 39, Oranž – Ilica 7, Eggspress – Boškovićeva 11, Kava Tava – Tkalčićeva 12, Bistroteka – Teslina 14, Kavana Dubrovnik – Gajeva 1, Johann Frank – Ban Jelačić Square 9

The breakfast from bakery

The bakery shops are very popular in Zagreb offering a lot of fresh and tasty foodstuffs for a small price.

We recommend you Mlinar, Pan Pek, and Dubravica bakeries, especially charming Pan Pek bakery at the corner of Ilica and Margaretska street, where you can sit by the window and watch the city buzz while enjoying your fresh squeezed juice or coffee with warm cocoa filled croissants or Croatian donuts called „krafne“.

Tip: Bakery could be your excellent choice for a quick lunch or dinner snack.